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Survival Family

  • Closing Film
  • 2017117minDCPcolorFiction
Director YAGUCHI Shinobu
Nation Japan
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With interesting but thoughtful messages, the film presents a chaos of a family in Tokyo. As a sudden blackout leads the whole city into chaos, the father decides to take his family to mother´s hometown. They manage to reach the airport but all flights are cancelled. They find bicycles and start a long journey.

Following the recipe for disaster, the film never heads for her hometown. Rather, it satirizes the absurdity of urban civilization and criticizes the incompetence of contemporary people. Even in their struggles, the director never forgets to show his comic touch through a coal-powered locomotive and the breakdown of all function.

This is the very Shinobu film that is funny but sad as well as critical but sensible.



With his debut feature Down the Drain(1993), YAGUCHI Shinobu is highly acclaimed with his competence in comedy films including Waterboys(2001) and Swing Girls(2004). He is well-known to Korean audiences with A Happy Flight(2008) and Robo-G(2013). He has worked diligently for both TV series and films. Survival Family is his latest feature.