SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit

Mismatched Nose

  • SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit
  • 1980110minDCPcolorFiction
Director IM Kwontaek
Nation Korea
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An old wanderer was sent to a rehab center by the police. He used to be an auxiliary police who suppressed North Korean partisans. At the center he finally meets the guy, Jjakko whom he had pursued for life.


IM Kwontaek

Born in 1936, Jangseong, Jeollanam-do. He began production department work with The novel of JangHwaHongRyeon(1956) directed by Jung Chnag-hwa and he experienced apprentice method. His debut film is Farewell Duman River(1962). Since then he have been released 102 movies. Chihwaseon(2002) won the Best Director Prize at Cannes which is about Jang Seung-eop who is the artist in the late of Joseon period.