Ministry of Love

  • Cinemafest
  • 2016103minDCPcolorFiction
Director Pavo MARINKOVIC
Nation Croatia, Czech Republic
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Kreso is at a loose end. A qualified biologist, he´s about to hit middle age, disillusioned, out of work and stuck in a marriage that should probably never have started. At least his son still looks up to him.



Born in 1976, Zagreb, Croatia. His first dramatic works appear in the early nineties. His theatre plays, performed in Croatia and abroad, have garnered numerous awards. Together with Dra?en ?arkovi?, he co-directed the film Tressette?a Story of an Island(2006) which had international premiere at 55th IFF Mannheim Heidelberg. The films has been screened on more then 30 international festivals.? ??