Poetry Angel

  • Cinemafest
  • 201795minHDcolorFiction
Director IIZUKA Toshimitsu
Nation Japan
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Tsutomu, a dreamer, joined a team of poetical boxers by chance. They are first pitted against a team from a nearby girls’ high school. He is attracted to a girl there who never seems to speak.


IIZUKA Toshimitsu

Born 1981, Kanagawa Prefecture. Iizuka studied film-making at the New Cinema Workshop. In 2012 he won the Best Screenplay award at the Isama Studio Festival for Dictator, Koga(2012). The script was made into a film which went on to win various prizes, awards and recognition. Dictator Koga(2012) was released in July 2015 and Poetry Angel is scheduled for a 2017 release.? ??