Korea Cinemascape

About My Bicycle

  • Korea Cinemascapeㅣ World Premiere
  • 201791minDCPcolor/b&wDocumentary
Director PARK Donghyun
Nation Korea
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In three parts about Korea’s modern history and personal experiences, the film tells civilian massacres, Gwangju Uprising, conflicts, division, exclusion, and their implications to a person.


PARK Donghyun

Graduated from Korea University with a degree in History, He also received Film, Video and New Media degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and then completed the doctoral course from Changing University. Currently he is a professor at the Division of Film and Musical at Myongji University. Dareum is his second feature film. His first feature film KIMU; The Strange Dance(2009) was screened at the 11th Jeonju IFF.