World Cinemascape: Spectrum

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  • World Cinemascape: Spectrum
  • 201698minDCPcolorFiction
Director Natalia ALMADA
Nation Mexico
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Dona Flor is a bureaucrat. She has worked in the same government office in Mexico City for over 35 years. One day her life becomes unhinged and she goes to the pool seeking solace in the water.


Natalia ALMADA

A photographer and documentary filmmaker. She is a filmmaker whose work focuses on Mexican history, politics, and culture with insightful and poetic films that push the boundaries of how the documentary form addresses social issues. Her films include El Velador(2011), El General(2009), All Water Has a Perfect Memory(2001), and Al Otro Lado(2005). She won the 2009 Sundance Directing Award Documentary for her film El General.