International Competition

The Human Surge

  • International Competitionㅣ Asian Premiere
  • 201697minDCPcolorFiction
Director Eduardo WILLIAMS
Nation Argentina, Brazil, Portugal
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Exe has just lost his job and is not looking for another one. He meets Alf, a boy from Mozambique who is bored with his job and is about to follow Archie; another boy who has run away into the jungle.



The Argentine director Eduardo Williams engaged with Jeonju IFF through his feature film, the Locarno International Film Festival award winner <i>The Human Surge</i> (2016). The young are the protagonists of his oeuvre, most often a group wandering the streets and bonding in the virtual world. Most of his films are narrative films ? yet they are realistically shot in cinema verite style. His camera adds tension to the films by exhibiting a desolate place thus arousing the sense of the last survivors of an apocalyptic world. However, the young are forever in joy, seeking their own ways of having fun. They are online although their hideout may be a discarded space. Williams presents short works in the linguistic form of the digital generation and Mariano Blatt’s novel <i>My Youth United</i> implicitly expresses the short works of Williams. Blatt is the co-director of <i>Parsi</i>.