Opening Film

On Body and Soul

  • Opening Film
  • 2017116minDCPcolorFiction
Director Ildikó ENYEDI
Nation Hungary
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A woman who is always cautious meets a man who is bored with everything. Either at work and in dreams they share same dreams every night. They fall in love and their odd dreams turn to a new direction.

As it seems like a mystery, the film is mostly about everyday events. She decides the grade of meat and he is a manager. In their difference, they share dreams, and become curious about souls and long for bodies. Body and soul lead to deeper understanding.

In this age of ICT, the two raise questions about the meaning of real communication and how to recreate one’s identity. She is mature in body but immature in mind. He seems to know everything but isn’t comfortable with his arms. The film shows how the two find each other in their imbalance of body and soul. The film offers a cinematic way of entering into genuine communion with others.



Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1955, Ildiko Enyedi directed five features and several shorts winning more than 40 international awards. In 1989, her feature film, My 20th Century(1989) won the Golden Camera Award at Cannes Film Festival and was selected among the 10 best films of the year by The New York Times. In 1992, she was the member of the jury at Berlin International Film Festival. She is a professor at the University of Film and Drama Arts in Budapest and a member of the European Film Academy.