Jeonju Cinema Project

Our President (Project N)

  • Jeonju Cinema Projectㅣ World Premiere
  • 2017110minDCPcolorDocumentary
Director LEE Chang-jae
Nation Korea
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In South Korea, 2002, the Democratic Party put the presidential nomination to a plebiscite for the first time. Amongst numerous candidates, the one who brought about the most unexpected result was a fringe candidate named Roh Moo-hyun.


LEE Chang-jae

Born in 1967. He is the professor at the graduate school of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia and Film in Chung-Ang University. His debut work EDIT(2004), an experimental documentary, was presented at The Museum of Modern Art. Project N is his fith feature-length documentary, following Between(2006) and On The Road(2013), which both were ranked top in Korean documentary film box office, and The Hospice(2014).