The 12th JEONJU Project Market Announcing the Winners
2020/06/02 PM 6:16 admin

JEONJU Next Edition

JEONJU Cinema Project
• Docufiction <i>A Flower In the Mouth</i> (Éric Baudelaire)

JEONJU Cinema Fund Promotion

JEONJU Cinema Project
• Documentary <i>My Genie</i> (PARK Hyuckjee)
JEONJU Cinema Fund
• Fiction: <i>Remain</i> (KIM Yoon-zy)
• Documentary : <i>My class</i> (Working title, KIM Jeongkeun)
JICA Award
• Fiction <i>Lucky, apartment</i> (Working title, KANGYU Garam)
• Documentary <i>Patriot girl</i> (NAM Arum)
Furmo DT Award
• Documentary <i>Shaping Trout</i> (HEO Seong)
JEONJU Cine Complex Award
• Fiction <i>The protector</i>(KANG Kyungtae)
• Documentary <i>Shaping Trout</i> (HEO Seong)

RoughCut Navigating

RoughCut Booster
• <i>a long way to school</i> (KIM Jung-in)
´the First cut Lab´ Entry
• <i>206 Unearthed</i> (HEO Chul-nyung)
Furmo DT Award
• <i>Small Bird and Mr.Pig</i> (KIM Saebom)