The 21st JEONJU IFF Announcing the Winners
2020/06/01 PM 12:4 admin

International Competition
Grand Prize
<i>Damp Season</i> (GAO Ming)

Best Picture Prize (Sponsored by NH NongHyup)
<i>One in a Thousand</i> (Clarisa NAVAS)

Special Jury Prize
<i>The Year of the Discovery</i> (Luis López CARRASCO)

Special Mention
Two actors of <i>Adam</i> (Maryam TOUZANI)
Lubna AZABAL as Abla
Nisrin ERRADI as Samia

Korean Competition
Grand Prize (wavve Award)
<i>Gull</i> (KIM Mijo)
<i>Mom’s Song</i> (SHIN Dongmin)

Best Acting Prize
<i>Black Light</i> (BAE Jongdae) YEOM Hyeran
<i>Dispatch; I Don’t Fire Myself</i> (LEE Taegyeom) OH Jungse

CGV Arthouse Award
<i>Homeless</i> (LIM Seunghyeun)

Korean Competition for Shorts
Grand Prize (wavve Award)
<i>The End of the Universe</i> (HAN Byunga)

Best Director Prize (Sponsored by Kyobo Life Insurance)
<i>Walking Backwards</i> (BANG Sungjun)

Special Jury Prize
<i>Each</i> (KANG Jeongin)
<i>Expiration Date</i> (YOO Joonmin)

Special Mention
<i>The Thread</i> (CHO Minjae, LEE Nayeon)

NETPAC Award: <i>The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs</i> (Pushpendra SINGH)

Documentary Award (Sponsored by Jin Motors): <i>Comfort</i> (Emmanuel Moonchil PARK)