The 21st JEONJU IFF Online Screening Program
2020/05/24 PM 11:4 admin

Please download the attachment to view the list of online screening program.

- Updated as of May 28 17:00 -

1. New additions
· JEONJU Cinema Project<i>If they soak me, I’ll burn them.</i> (Camila José DONOSO)
· JEONJU Cinema Project<i>The Play</i> (Alejandro Fernandez ALMENDRAS)

2. Canceled Film
· Korean Competition <i>Please Don’t Save Me</i> (JUNG Yeonkyung)

3. Preiod
· World Cinema - Fiction <i>Isabella</i> (Matías PIÑEIRO)
is available from May 29 (Fri) 11:00 to May 31 (Sun) 23:59

4. Available Audience
· World Cinema - Fiction <i>Force of Habit</i> (Kirsikka SAARI, Elli TOIVONIEMI, Anna PAAVILAINEN, Alli HAAPASALO, Reetta AALTO, Jenni TOIVONIEMI, Miia TERVO)
is available for a maximum of 1,200 audiences.

· International Competition <i>One in a Thousand</i> (Clarisa NAVAS)
is available for a maximum of 800 audiences.

5. Miscellaneous
· Adoration (Fabrice DU WELZ) and The Wild Goose Lake (DIAO Yi’nan) of Midnight Cinema will feature JEONJU IFF’s logo at the top of the screen with the request of their distributors. Please note that it may be uncomfortable to watch.