JEONJU IFF X wavve Guide to Online Screening for the 21st JEONJU IFF
2020/05/24 PM 10:5 admin

The 21st JEONJU IFF’s titles are streamed online, exclusively on OTT platform, wavve.

- Only the titles with a mark saying “online” can be streamed online.
- JEONJU IFF 2020 titles are not included in the monthly plat-rate subscription plans. Those who have a monthly (flat-rate) subscription plan will also need to pay for JEONJU IFF 2020 titles.

Usage Rules
1. Geographic Variability
• Online streaming of JEONJU IFF titles is serviced only in South Korea.
• The OTT platform for online streaming is serviced only on wavve’s website (in Korean) and the wavve application.

2. Pricing
• KRW 7,000 per each title, KRW 2,000 for international short films
• For Korean Shorts, you need to purchase a package. (Like previous off-line editions of JEONJU IFF, paying per a package of short films is implemented.)
• For all International shorts, you can purchase each title.
• We accept Credit Cards, Mobile Pay, Naver Pay, Kakao Pay, and PAYCO.

3. Period
• From May 28 (Thu) 11:00 to June 6 (Sat) 23:00, for 10 days
• <i>Isabella</i> is available from May 29 (Fri) 11:00 to May 31 (Sun) 23:59

4. Available Audience
• A maximum of 1,500 audiences are available per each title.
• <i>Force of Habit</i> is available for a maximum of 1,200 audiences.
• <i>One in a Thousand</i> is available for a maximum of 800 audiences.

5. Ways to Watch
• You can stream titles online at wavve website (both PC and mobile) and wavve application. After you sign up for wavve membership, you can purchase and pay for the title that you would like to watch.
• You have 12 hours to finish watching the film from the time of your payment. (Please note that the fees are not refundable.)
• For iOS Users, including iPhone, iPad, or Mac, payment cannot be made iOS version of wavve application. You will need to use a mobile web browser to make a payment. (To stream videos, you can use the wavve application or a mobile web browser.)
• You can stream and watch JEONJU IFF titles, just like you watch any other videos using wavve.

6. Conditions of Use
• You may not reproduce, repackage or redistribute the contents without the consent of the copyright owner.
• The contents may not be used for commercial purposes without the consent of the copyright owner.
• Any breach of copyright will be subject to legal proceedings.

Guide to wavve platform
• Wavve, a collaboration between SK Telecom and the three major TV networks, KBS, MBC, and SBS, is a South Korean OTT platform providing premium contents.
• OTT platform wavve streams media contents through different types of devices including computers, smartphones, smart TVs, OTT set-top boxes, among others.
• Major services: live shows, premium shows, VODs, film VODs, among others.

Guide to Online Screening for Korean Short Films

• For Korean short films, you need to purchase a package as below.

Korean Competition for Shorts 1
<i>Each</i> (KANG Jeongin) 37min, fiction / <i>Some Errors of the Construction-universe</i> (PARK Koonje) 15min, experimental / <i>Driving School</i> (YU Sujin) 29min, fiction / <i>Full Moon</i> (NAM Soona) 20mn, fiction

Korean Competition for Shorts 2
<i>Goodtime</i> (KANG Dongin) 24min, fiction / <i>The Floor Below</i> (HWANG Hyein) 23min, fiction / <i>Porosity Valley 2: Tricksters’ Plot</i> (KIM Ayoung) 24min, experimental / <i>The Thread</i> (CHO Minjae, LEE Nayeon) 30min, fiction
※ Although <i>Porosity Valley 2: Tricksters’ Plot</i> in Korean Competition for Shorts 2 was originally made as a two-channel video for an art exhibition,  but also it has been screened as a single channel with a ratio of 16:9 for film festivals. However, for JEONJU IFF’s online screening, it will be exclusively streamed as the original version, two-channel video.

Korean Competition for Shorts 3
<i>Trapped</i> (KIM Yoonsun) 8min, fiction / <i>Damage</i> (KIM Sunghwan) 29min, fiction / <i>We Bloom</i> (KIM Yulhee) 28min, fiction
※ JEONG Yeoreum’s <i>Graeae: A Stationed Idea</i> in Korean Competition for Shorts 3 is not being streamed online

Korean Competition for Shorts 4
<i>Fanning</i> (JEON Yejin) 23min, fiction / <i>The Moon and Fork</i> (SHIN Nari) 14min, documentary / <i>Walking Backwards</i> (BANG Sungjun) 33min, fiction / <i>Dear Juhee</i> (OH Hyundo) 27min, fiction

Korean Competition for Shorts 5
<i>Dear.Picaresque</i> (ZO Hyeyoung) 37min, documentary / <i>The End of the Universe</i> (HAN Byunga) 10min, animation / <i>Quitting My Destiny</i> (CHANG Hyungyun) 25min, fiction / <i>Expiration Date</i> (YOO Joonmin) 28mi, fiction

Korean Competition for Shorts 6
<i>Doong-ji</i> (JO Kyoungwon) 20min, fiction / <i>It´s Going to Explode One Day</i> (SEO Taebeom) 22min, fiction / <i>Casually, for the Worse</i> (KIM Yewon) 25min, fiction / <i>Mouth & Mouth Fighter</i> (SEO Gahyeon) 22min, fiction / <i>Moth</i> (JUNG Yeonjoo) 11min, animation

Korean Cinema – Shorts 1
<i>Top Car</i> (YOU Junsang) 19min, fiction / <i>Digressions</i> (NAMKOONG Sun) 25min, experimental
※ HONG Seongyoon’s <i>Digital Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro: The Real-World Guide to Set Up and Workflow</i> in Korean Cinema 3 is not being streamed on online.

Korean Cinema – Shorts 2
<i>Jokyoki</i> (KIM Hyeok) 19min, fiction / <i>Smile Club</i> (CHOI Eunu) 30min, fiction / <i>Break Away</i> (BAEK Jeongmin) 21min, fiction / <i>Post It!</i> (LEE Dongeun) 15min, fiction

Korean Cinema – Shorts 3
<i>Gestalt</i> (KIM Hwijoung) 25min, fiction / <i>The Bird We Saw Once</i> (LEE Dayoung) 32min, fiction / <i>Dancing with Wind</i> (SHIN Suwon) 20min, fiction