The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival announces finalists for Jeonju Cinema Project(JCP): NEXT EDITION
2018/04/12 PM 2:55 admin

        Launch of JCP: NEXT EDITION to select\ an international project for ‘Jeonju Cinema Project’!
        The select\ed 6 projects will be shown through a pitching event of the 10th Jeonju Project Market(JPM)
        Meet next films of international directors noted by Jeonju International Festival

JCP: NEXT EDITION is a new program launched, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Jeonju Project Market(JPM). It is a pitching event to select\ an international project for next year’s ‘Jeonju Cinema Project(JCP)’. This year, 6 finalists were select\ed and is to show through JCP: NEXT EDITION.

Jeonju Project Market(JPM) is trying to give opportunities to remarkable projects world widely, through a new program, JCP: NEXT EDITION also in purpose of strengthening the association with JCP. The Executive Committee said, “Selected projects for the first JCP: NEXT EDITION include 5 feature films; Diary of a Dancer(Damien MANIVEL), The Drift(Ignacio AGUERO), Grassland on the Sea(JU Anqi), Rabbit Island(Rania ATTIEH, Daniel GARCIA) and Static Future(Davi PRETTO) and one documentary film; A Treatise on Limnology(Dane KOMLJEN, James LATTIMER).”

Submission of JCP: NEXT EDITION was proceeded during last February, and among them 6 projects have been pre-select\ed to participate in the pitch program. Selection Committee for JCP: NEXT EDITION includes Festival Director LEE Choong-jik and 3 programmers of Jeonju IFF. On the select\ed projects, Committee commented, “We tried to select\ projects with fresh and progressive visions, which represents identity of Jeonju IFF; setting a high value on the trend of alternative. We also paid attention to project of directors who were discovered or supported by Jeonju IFF.”

6 projects will be introduced at the event of JCP: NEXT EDITION which will be held on May 7th during JPM period(May 6th ? May 8th). The final contestant will be announced at JPM Awards on May 8th.