The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival’s Official Press Conference was held
2018/04/12 PM 2:45 admin

        246 films under the slogan of ‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression’
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The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival(Festival Director LEE Choong-jik) held its official press conference in Jeonju and Seoul, to announce the line-up.

Acting Chairman of Jeonju IFF Organizing Committee PARK Soonjong, Festival Director LEE Choongjik, Executive Programmer KIM Youngjin, Programmer LEE Sang-yong and Programmer JANG Byungwon attended the press conference held at Grand Ambassador Seoul associated with Pullman and announced overview of the upcoming festival.

Following last year, the slogan of the 19th Jeonju IFF will again be ‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression’. It is a reiteration of the will to continue the spirit of Jeonju IFF that supports the freedom of expression without being swayed by external pressure.

This year Jeonju IFF will showcase 246 films(202 features, 44 shorts), increased from 229 films featured at the 18th Jeonju IFF; 61 ‘World Premiere’(30 features, 31 shorts), 5 ‘International Premiere’(5 features), 52 ‘Asian Premiere’(46 features, 6 shorts).

Deputy Mayor of Jeonju; Park Soonjong occupies the position of Acting Chairman of Jeonju IFF Organizing Committee as the Chairman Kim Seung-soo who is current mayor of Jeonju is running the regional election. He mentioned, “We will do the best to introduce refreshing movies and to hold the festival maturely. We embrace the freedom of expression, and support filmmakers to have an opportunity to have an exposure.”

Festival Director LEE Choong-jik said, “We’ve been preparing for the festival with passion and effort, and we have an extra responsibility as this year will be another stepping stone for the upcoming 20th festival. We ask for much interest and participation from citizens of Jeonju.”

Yakiniku Dragon(CHONG Wishing) was select\ed as an Opening Film, and Isle of Dogs(Wes ANDERSON) was select\ed as a Closing Film.

Executive Programmer KIM Youngjin commented on the Opening Film, “Yakiniku Dragon is first to be shown in the world, and you will see energy which has not seen in Korean films. We are expecting positive response since the film contains both popularity and quality.”

He also was also excited about the Closing Film, saying “We expect crowded attention and great responses, as this movie is inferior to none of Wes ANDERSON’s feature films.”

Regarding program, the festival introduced various attempts: International Competition, Korean Competition, Korean Competition for Shorts, Frontline, World Cinemascape, Masters, Korea Cinemascape, Expanded Cinema, Cinemafest, Midnight Cinema, Cinematology, Special Focus(Disney Legendary and Regained Time of Raul RUIZ). Regarding Special Focus: Disney Legendary, Jeonju IFF will show 30 Disney animation films.

Programmer LEE Sang-yong said, “This year there are a lot of feature films about romance or reality problems. The Heiresses was introduced in Competition section of Berlin International Film Festival, and the film illustrates stories of 2 women in exceptional emotion. Like this, Jeonju IFF will show more films with women’s voices and provide some time to look deeper into todays’ issue.

Programmer JANG Byungwon said, “Frontline was added last year, and you will find it interesting to get to know about brave moviemen with controversial films. This year we ask your attention to 7 hours and 47 minutes long documentary film O.J.: Made in America(Ezra EDELMAN).”

Jeonju IFF will feature Steel Rain(YANG Woo-suk), 1987: When the Day Comes(JANG Joon-hwan), Heart Blackened(JUNG Ji-woo), Little Forest(YIM Soon-rye) and The Wailing(NA Hong-jin) as Korea Cinemascape section. These released commercial films will meet the viewership once again via Jeonju IFF.

Juries of International Competition are as follows: co-director of Doclisboa Davide OBERTO, director Matias PINEIRO, actress Sarah ADLER, director PANG Eun-jin, actor KWON Hae-hyo. Juries of Korean Competition are as follows: former program director of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Jeulietta SICHEL, director JUNG Ji-woo and actor KIM Sang-kyung. Juries of Korean Competition for Shorts are as follows: director KIM Dea-hwan, actress RYU Hyunkyung and director Ted FENDT.

Jeonju Cinema Project 2018(hereinafter referred to as JCP 2018) which is designed to support and open opportunities to rising movie directors, increased its number of production to 5, compared to 3 films last year. It implies that the project continues to invest in independent films with last year’s success of Our President.

Directors and actors/actresses of JCP 2018 also attended the conference: YANG Heung-ju, WOO Ji-hyeon, LEE Sang-hee and director JANG Woo-jin from Winter’s Night, director LEE Hark Joon from A Good Business, PARK Jeongjak, LEE Taegyeong, MAENG Sechang, Yang Joa and director LIM Taegue from The land on the Waves.

Director JANG Woo-jin from Winter’s Night appraised his affection towards the Jeonju IFF, saying “It means a lot to be with Jeonju IFF again with The First Lap. Jeonju IFF does support but does not meddle.”

Director LEE hark Joon from A Good Business said, “It took 5 years, just for shooting. The film arouses a sense of oldness as you feel the time flow in the film, rather than depicting a loud image.”

Director LIM Taegue from The land on the Waves mentioned about the film, “The land on the Waves is about a character who ostracized his father for a long time. Father’s death brings him a chance to reconcile with his son.” He also thanked, “Jeonju IFF showed complete confidence when filming it.”

The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival will be held from May 3rd(Thu) to May 12th(Sat) for 10 days at 5 theaters and 19 screens on Cinema Street, Jeonju.