The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival introduces its official posters
2018/03/22 PM 1:53 admin

- First time adopting JCP (Jeonju Cinema Project) still
- Establishing identity of the festival with loud colors; Red & Black’

The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival (Festival Director LEE Choong-jik) unveils its official posters.

This year, posters of Jeonju IFF uses stills from NONA. If you Soak Me, I Will Burn You (Camila JOSE DONSO) and A Good Business (LEE Hark Joon) which are one of 5 films of Jeonju Cinema Project 2018 (JCP).

It is the first time for Jeonju IFF to use stills from JCP films.

NONA. If you Soak Me, I Will Burn You and A Good Business describe events from different space time, but they share a common ground of ‘pain’ and ‘crisis’. Continued from the 18th Jeonju IFF, the 19th Jeonju IFF features ‘an outlet of expression in film’ as its slogan and the experimental mood featured in the mentioned 2 films makes festival’s identity stronger.

Poster featuring the behind of an old lady is a still from NONA. If you Soak Me, I Will Burn You. This poster makes a strong impression by symbolizing her life in the color of red.

The other poster is a still from A Good Business which based on a story of North Korean defector. It takes a close-up of an anxious expression of the main character, who is uncovered by a guard. The black-and-white contrast creates a distinctive atmosphere.

Other stills from films of JCP: HRA(THE Play) (Alejandro Fernandez ALMENDRAS), On a Winter’s Night (working title, JANG Woo-jin), The Land of the Waves (LIM Taegue) will also be displayed on the banners of streetlamps on ‘Cinema Street’.

In spotlight, On a Winter’s Night and The Land of the Waves are, respectively, under responsibility of a photographer Lee Yeonghui, who worked on photographies of ‘Jeju Uprising’ and Hwang Inmo whose works portray a folk life.

Official posters with autographs of Camila JOSE DONSO (director of NONA. If you Soak Me, I Will Burn You) and LEE Hark Joon (director of A Good Business) will be available for purchase during the festival period. The 19th Jeonju International Festival will be held form May 3rd to May 12th.