The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival announces finalists for ‘Korean Competition’!
2018/03/19 PM 10:4 admin

- 10 films were select\ed out of 89 entries
- slowdown shown in documentary films, qualitative development shown in fiction films

The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival (Festival Director LEE Choong-jik) announces finalists for its ‘Korean Competition’.

According to the Executive Committee of Jeonju International Film Festival, 10 out of 89 films from ‘Korean Competition’ were select\ed by the festival programmers. ‘Korean Competition’ is for films with 40minutes or longer, and is the main program of the Jeonju IFF.

Finalists for ‘Korean Competition’ are as follows: The Darling (LEE Seung-yup), I have a Date with Spring (BAEK Seungbin), Land of the Strangers (OH Wonjae), Back from the Beat (CHOI Changhwan), Mate (JUNG Daegun), A Gaze on an Invisible Orange (LEE Junpil), Dreamer (CHO Sungbin), The Land of Seonghye (JUNG Hyungsuk), Graduation (HUI Jiye), and To My River (PARK Kun-young).

Executive Programmer of the Jeonju IFF KIM Young-jin mentioned, “More quality fiction films were submitted compared to last year. However, documentary films; which have been pivotal for Jeonju IFF every year showed a slowdown. In the case of feature films, many of them dimensionalize feelings of loss and anger in young people or portray the inner world of people, which implies maturation and development in independent films.”

Also added “Though no documentary films were included in ‘Korean Competition’, there are noticeable documentary films for ‘Korea Cinemascape’. Also, we select\ed films made by the directors who have done more than 3 films and films that try diverse and micro approaches as ‘Korea Cinemascape’. They will be announced soon and we ask for attention on those films.”

Along with ‘Korean Competition for Shorts’, all of the finalists for Korean Competitions has been announced. These 10 films will be competing for the main awards at The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival, which will be held from May 3rd.