The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival opens pre-registration for paid-badge
2018/03/02 AM 10:2 admin

- The 19th JIFF, rollout period of paid-badge system
- Customized services will be provided according to types of badges; Guest, Jeonju Project Market(JPM), Press, and Academy

The utive committee of the 19th Jeonju International Film Festival (Festival Director LEE Choong-jik) opens pre-registration of paid-badge from March 1st.

According to implementation of an anti-corruption law in September 2016, Jeonju IFF started the paid-badge system in 2017 and 2018 will be the rollout period.

Benefits of badge are as follows: Guest/Jeonju Project Market(JPM)/Press badge holders are entitled to book a total of 4 film tickets (one ticket a day; one time-slot for a person), and free tickets for Jeonju Dome screenings. Also ‘wait-line’ service for the sold-out films will be provided; if there are any seats found 10 minutes after screening start, the badge holders can gain entry on a first-come, first-served basis.
Academy badge holders are entitled to book a total of 3 film tickets (one ticket a day, one time-slot for a person) and free tickets for Jeonju Dome screenings. Academy badge holders can also enter Jeonju Project Market.

As demand for paid-badge has increased, a maximum of 25% seats of each theater will be assigned for badge-exclusive seats. There will be extra services such as 10% discount of the festival souvenir purchase for all badge holders. Jeonju IFF mentions, “For this year, we are planning customized benefits for each type of badges to provide better services to badge holders.”

Jeonju International Film Festival opens the application for badge registration at Jeonju IFF website ( from March 1st. Applicants must submit supporting document according to their badge types(Guest/JPM/Press/Academy) and will get an approval in 3 days from the Jeonju IFF. Applying badge is complete after registering applicant’s ID picture & personal information, and completing payment within the registration period. The registration fees vary according to the types of badge and registration period. For more information, you can visit Jeonju IFF website ( or contact Operation Management Department of Jeonju IFF (063-280-7919,