The 9th Jeonju Project Market will kick off!
2017/05/03 PM 8:13 board

While the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival (Festival director LEE Choongjik) started on Thursday, April 27, Jeonju Project Market (JPM) will kick off on May 3 at Roni Hotel.

Celebrating its 9th year, Jeonju Project Market(JPM) is an industry program for the film industry to strengthen the partnership between Jeonju International Film Festival and the Korean film industry and to contribute to the growth of Korean films. Jeonju IFF holds various events including Jeonju Cinema Fund Promotion, MiddleEarth Lap Promotion, Cookie Talk and Forum.

Jeonju Cinema Fund Promotion introduces 7 projects that are select\ed through Jeonju Cinema Fund. Despite their relatively smaller budget sizes, all of the select\ed projects are rich in ideas, messages, and diversity.

‘MiddleEarth Lap Promotion’, the project planning & development research center, has been newly introduced this year. There are three projects to be developed from this year in MiddleEarth Lap; SHIN Yeonsik’s Peoraeng-i, PARK Jungbeom’s Shinbulchul, YOON Ga-eun’s Talented Child(Working Title).

‘Forum’ consists of a series of open discussions to identify the current status and examine the future of various issues in the film industry with the experts in the field. Forum is open to the public for those who are interested in the film industry. ‘Cookie Talk’ has total of 4 themes including ‘A case study of crowd funding in film investment and marketing’ and ‘Film marketing strategies through analyzing big data’.

Selected projects for JCP will be announced at ‘JPM Awards’ on the last day of the Jeonju Project Market, at 7:00pm on May 5. The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival will be held until May 6 in Cinema Street.

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