‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression', The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival’s Opening Ceremony was held!
2017/04/28 PM 8:04 board

The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival(Festival director LEE Choongjik) with a slogan, ‘Outlet for cinematic expression,' held an opening ceremony on April 27th, which marked its return as ‘the film festival in Spring.’

An opening ceremony was held at Jeonju Dome in Cinema street, hosted by a programmer LEE Sangyong and an announcer PARK Hyejin. All the 3,000 seats of Jeonju Dome for this opening ceremony were sold out, which proved the great attention of audiences to Jeonju International Film Festival.

A lot of guests were invited to red carpet such as Ildiko ENYEDI, the director on the opening film On Body and Soul, an actress KIM Jimi, who is participating in Bhiksuni's special restoration screening, HA Jiwon, one of the juries for International Competition, JUNG Eunchae, who is a jury for Korean Competition for Shorts.

At the opening ceremony, a mayor KIM Seungsoo gave an opening remark: “Jeonju International Film Festival has always modest before citizens, audiences, and film industry insiders and has also prevented itself from being swayed by external pressure such as capital, political power, and social prejudices, which has set the slogan an outlet for cinematic expression and our pride.”

An actress HA Jiwon who is invited to be a member of the juries for the international competition expressed her determined thought when asked for the judging criteria: “I will commit myself to the impartial judging process from an actress’s viewpoint and the spirit of Jeonju International Film Festival’s slogan, 'Outlet for Cinematic Expression'.”

At the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival, 229 films from 58 countries will be screened. The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival will be held until May 6 in Cinema Street.

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